Wendy Lewis shares her thoughts about telemedicine and the future of healthcare in the August 2014 "Social Studies."
In the August 2015, cover story, facial plastic surgeon Timothy R. Miller fills readers in on the journey to open his new private practice.
Finacea® Foam will be available by prescription only beginning in September 2015.
Hair loss is not just a man's problem. It happens to women, too. In this August 2015 issue feature, Jeffrey Epstein, MD, FACS, and Gorana Kukla, MD, discuss potential causes, as well as treatments, of female hair loss.
In the August 2015 issue's Editor's Note, PSP Editor Denise Mann shares her personal back stories with this month's cover story and "10 Things" subjects as teachable moments about relationship building.
Mommy makeovers are on the rise and daddy makeovers are gathering steam, according to research in the August issue of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery.
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PSP gets a sneak peak of Atlanta's newest reality show, Atlanta Plastic.
The August 2015 "Hot Stuff" focuses on hair loss in observance of National Hair Loss Awareness Month.
Joe Niamtu III, DMD, shares his insights and experience with Kythera Biopharmaceuticals’ new fat-dissolving injectable Kybella in this August 2015 feature.
When worn for 90 seconds, three times a week, the LaserBand will stimulate and revitalize thinning hair, the company states.
New research suggests that substances from algae and fish mucus may form the basis for a new kind of sunscreen.
Shai Shinhar, MD, and his wife, Rachel, share tidbits about running their medspa together in the August 2015 "10 Things."
See the latest trends that people are talking about in the August 2015 "Spotlight."
The FDA gave its nod to the ReShape Integrated Dual Balloon System. It is meant to be temporary and should be removed 6 months after it is inserted.
Plastic surgeon and wine connoisseur Richard A. Baxter, MD, offers up his take on rose wines, and shares his favorites, in this August 2015 "InDepth" column.
The NFI gene is a “major player” in the development of melanoma, Yale University researchers report.
Angel Pierini and his sister, Angela, show that family and business do indeed mix. Find out for yourself in this August 2015 "Behind the Scenes" column.
In the August 2015 "The Verdict," Richard M. Escoffery, Esq, offers six simple, cost-effective steps to limit your potential liability from employment law claims.
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In the August 2015 "The Edge," author David Evans, PhD, MBA, discusses how to market a medspa online.
Odomzo is a pill taken once a day. It works by inhibiting the Hedgehog pathway, which is active in basal cell cancers.