In the April 2015 issue of PSP, Drs Scot Glasberg and Robert X. Murphy, Jr, talk about the changes they’ve made at the ASPS during their presidencies.
In April's Behind the Scenes, practice manager Shay Moinuddin discusses how she helped the Few Institute go paperless.
April's PSP Pulse with RealSelf shines a light on the months when your patients are more likely to be looking for information on vein treatments.
The U.S Food and Drug Administration and US plastic surgeons are taking active measures to determine the nature and or scope of any possible association between ALCL and breast implants.
With a 94% patient-satisfaction rating at 1 year, Cellfina just may be the must-have cellulite treatment for summer 2015.
This month's “Social Studies with Wendy Lewis" explains CTAs and how make them appeal to your social media audiences.
Cytori Therapeutics Inc plans to roll out its Celase GMP enzyme at the upcoming 2015 ISCT show.
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PSP Editor Denise Mann extols the merits of trade publications.
In April's 10 Things, PSP talks to Alan Matarasso, MD, about the upcoming American Society of Plastic Surgeons’ Aesthetica Symposium.
In April's Edge, David Evans, PhD, MBA, debunks Internet marketing myths with reality checks.
Pilot studies support the use of DNA EGF Renewal for the traetment of undereye bags, atrophic acne scars, and purpuric lesions.
Dermatologists offer pearls on how and when to use microneedling in practice at AAD15.
Neothetics Inc is launching an open-label study to evaluate the safety of multiple courses of treatment of its lipo-dissolving shot LIPO-202 for the reduction of central tummy bulges (spare tires).
Plastic surgeons offer tips on how to make patients feel less self-conscious in the buff during exams.
Glycolic and phenol Chemical peels may be safe and effective ways to treat onychorrhexis, onychoschizia, and trachonyia, according to new research presented at the AAD.
More than 25% of acne patients do not adhere to their over-the-counter or Rx acne treatment regimens, a new study shows.
Are drinkable sunscreens really a thing? La Jolla, Calif-based dermatologist Mona Z. Mofid gives PSP the skinny on sunscreen options.
Preliminary results of a head-to-head post-marketing comparison of Xeomin® and Botox® Cosmetic for the treatment of moderate-to-severe glabellar facial lines showed that both met the primary efficacy endpoint.
Readers opine on the rise and fall of Lifestyle Lift.
Take a look at Innovative Skincare’s SHEALD RECOVERY BALM , Kythera's ATX-101 and the Christie Brinkley Authentic skincare line, and more in PSP's April 2015 Hot Stuff.