Researchers Announce Botulinum Toxin-Based Face Cream

Researchers at the University of Massachusetts Lowell Nanomanufacturing Center have developed a skin cream based in part on botulinium toxin, which, according to the patent application recently submitted to the US government, could be administered to

Stem Cell Research Collides With Aesthetic Medicine

Inexorably, stem cell biology is finding its way into a broad range of medical disciplines, including aesthetic surgery. The best reconstructive strategies or the best strategies to augment soft tissue involves using the patient's own fat tissue rather than implants. Implants have their own set of long-term problems that one's own tissue doesn’t have. The federal government is not ignoring this issue. The Adipose Stem Cell Center at the University of Pittsburgh has recently received multimillion-dollar grants from the National Institutes of Health toward breast cancer reconstruction applications, as well as from the Department of Defense, which is interested in how adipose stem cells can be used for the aesthetic reconstruction of wounded soldiers.

What Causes The Eyelids to Sag?

A study, published in the September issue of the <i>Journal of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery,</i> examined the anatomy of multiple patients to determine what happens to the lower eyelid as we age. The study also examined what happens to the face

The Top Ten Instructions After Otoplasty Surgery

Barry Eppler, MD, has launched what looks to be a nice series of "checklists" for specific procedures, starting with otoplasty, body lift surgery, and laser resurfacing. Eppler's patient-centric blog speaks to prospective

ASPS Urges Team Approach To Breast Reconstruction

Actress Christina Applegate’s public disclosure of her breast cancer, her decision to have a double mastectomy, and plans to go forth with breast reconstruction, calls attention to the need for a medical team approach in the treatment and recovery fr

Two More Successful Face Transplants

Lancet published a report last week updating the conditions of two face transplant patients. Laurent Lantieri reported on their patient's status one year after a transplant; Chinese doctors also reported on their patient, two years after his surgery (hat  tip: Frank Holman). From the Associated Press:

Stem Cells and Breast Surgery Come Together

New technologies and procedures that make use of human fat and stem cells to either make breasts larger or repair them after cancer surgery has appeared on the mainstream media’s radar-a <i>Wall Street Journal</i> news article this week branded the t

YWCA Me-too Report Fails to Illuminate

In its bid to add to arguments critical of American culture and the cosmetic surgery "craze" of this decade, the YMCA (Young Women's Christian Association) has release a scattershot report culled from a variety of disparate sources — secondhand interviews with professionals, facts and figures from the public record, and unrelated studies conducted by various organizations. The resulting mess of source materials has been cobbled into a document called Beauty at Any Cost, and it is available here.