Officials Fear Bio-terrorists Might Use Botulinum Toxin

Is this a real threat or are we getting a little, uh, paranoid about what lengths terrorists will go to to build a bio-terror arsenal? The "hook" in this article sits precariously on the premise that a growing underground distri

Spain to Ban Some Plastic Surgery TV Ads

Ads for diet products, some beauty treatments, and plastic surgery are now officially considered more dangerous for young people than commercials for alcohol.

Follow the Prospective Patient’s Research Path

The usually credible Plasmetic blog recently published a ringing endorsement of the Acculift "lunchtime lift" procedure, which has been booed publicly by surgeons posting on the RealSelf online forum. The Acculift was popularize

Bioform Exec Profiled in Business Week

Dennis E. Condon, President, Chief Business Officer and Director of BioForm Medical Inc is featured in an Executive Profile in the online pub. Bioform manufactures the Radiesse filler.