How to Deal With Heidi Montag Syndrome

The media has gone totally overboard is covering a non-news story in celebrity Heidi Montag, who apparently as a publicity stunt recently allowed a plastic surgeon to perform 10 procedures on her in a single sitting. A quick blast across

The De-legitimization of Antiaging Research

Wired has produced an apt description of where science and medicine (and the research arms of both disciplines) stand in relation to making a breakthrough in the study of antiaging. As with many people, I have been unsure about t

Ultrasound Massage Device Debuts

MedSculpt, a combination of ultrasound technology and massage system in one unit, is intended for use in body contouring and cellulite treatments.

Zeltiq and Zerona Compared

The New York Times recently published what seems like a point-counterpoint feature story on two new, relatively untried prodicts aimed at lipo markets — the Zeltiq (which uses cryolipolysis technology to cool fat down prior to l