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From the Editor: Long Live Trade Publications

PSP Editor Denise Mann extols the merits of trade publications.

“Kiss Me I’m Irish” and Other St. Patrick’s Day Beauty Secrets: Revealed

Buried within the folklore of St. Patrick’s Day may lie some very salient beauty advice.

The Patricia Arquette Effect: Gems Amid the Glitter

Practice Helpers' Joyce Sunila discusses the role of from-the-heart authentic messaging in your marketing materials.

Letter to the Editor: Seeing Red

PSP advisor Julie Woodward, MD responds to an article on cosmetic eye whitening.

Letter to the Editor: Derms Dig PSP, Too

A dermatologist lauds PSP's coverage of his specialty,

Letter to the Editor: Make Some Noise 
About Male Breast Reconstruction Options

A breast surgeon responds to an article on male breast cancer.

The New Normal: Understanding how the ACA will affect cosmetic surgery

Cosmetic surgery delivery and price will be affected by the Affordable Care Act. Sam Habernathy explains why here.
Denise Mann

From the Editor: Tracking Bruce Jenner

PSP editor Denise Mann discusses her favorite topic ... Bruce Jenner.

From the Editor: PSP Editor Talks About Magazine Changes for the New Year

PSP editor Denise Mann discusses all the exciting changes in store for the brand in 2015.

The Rules of Engagement: Joyce Sunila Explains How Facebook’s New Rules Impact Content

If you’re sending only event invitations, discounts, procedure descriptions, and other “Call-to-Action” material on Facebook, you’re headed down the wrong path, Joyce Sunila warns.