For many persons, it has been all about being the right size and shape, and having the curves to go with it. But the growing number of untrained person offering body sculpting services in Jamaica is now a cause for concern among some professionals in the industry.

Michelle Vernon, aesthetician and owner of Body Studio Skincare, says that within a matter of months after receiving extensive media attention for introducing body contouring services to Jamaica, she has noticed a rapid increase in the number of entities offering body alteration procedures.

“It took me four years to get qualification to do the treatments but, to my surprise, in a matter of months, people then decided to add this to their nail salon, to their hair shop, to their weave store,” Vernon said.

Plastic surgeon Dr. Jan Hochtritt who specialises in aesthetic and reconstructive surgery, says that unqualified persons who are performing body alteration processes are defrauding the clients who use their services.

“I find it alarming that some many people just want to jump on that thing and offer certain services that are not working and, in some regards, sometimes even dangerous,” Hoctritt said.

Vernon said she is not objecting to the increased competition. However, a lot persons have come on board to basically ride a wave, and it is a medical industry.