Instagram vs. real life? Botched stars Dr. Paul Nassif and Dr. Terry Dubrow have their fingers on the pulse of the latest plastic surgery trends — which involve prospective patients wanting to look like a FaceTuned or filtered version of themselves. But that expectation is just “not realistic,” Dr. Nassif exclusively reveals to Life & Style in a video interview ahead of the season 6B premiere of Botched.

“Everyone’s doing their own type of modification and then asking us,” Dr. Nassif, 57, tells Life & Style. “And of course, that leads into the whole scenario that we also talk about, Dr. Dubrow and I, filter dysmorphia. Patients are overdoing it. They don’t look like themselves. And we, of course, get into the point of, ‘Let’s be natural, maybe doing a little bit, but let’s back it up a few notches.’”