A new procedure, called tissue-repositioning blepharoplasty, promises an  eyelift on both eyes with a single hourlong visit to the plastic surgeon’s office.

“Traditional eyelid procedures sought to aggressively remove skin and fat, often leaving the patient’s eyes looking hollowed out, or—worse— droopy,” says Jon Turk, MD, of New York City. “Although patients looked a little better, they rarely looked younger or more vibrant.”

Whereas traditional blepharoplasty can involve surgically removing part of the lid, lasering, or injecting fat or implants, the repositioning rearranges the eyelid to prevent typical blepharoplasty problems, Turk says. Repositioning places an emphasis on fat and skin rearrangement instead of removal to create a natural-looking eye contour that preserves the patient’s eye shape.

Turk notes that with the repositioning technique, patients should expect downtime of 1 week, during which they cannot wear makeup.

The procedure costs $6,000 to $8,000.

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