Recros Medica Inc announces that the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) has issued a new patent for a novel application to treat patients’ aesthetic defects with their own skin.
Recros is an aesthetic company focused on developing medical devices to reduce skin laxity and improve focal contouring through its Rotational Fractional Resection (RFR) platform technology. The company is also developing the RFR application to facilitate autologous dermal transfer as an alternative to commercial dermal fillers.

The issued patent covers numerous claims, related to fractional skin harvesting, processing of skin with minimal manipulation, and injection of the preparation into a target site of the same patient to improve appearance.  The patent was issued to SRGI Holdings, which has licensed all aesthetic uses to Recros Medica.

“Fractional skin harvesting using the RFR device enables the development of this novel use of a patient’s own skin as an aesthetic filler material; providing sufficient quantities of skin tissue in minutes, without linear incisions or sutures,” says Edward Knowlton, MD, board-certified plastic surgeon and inventor of RFR technology, in a media release.

“Dermal fillers represent the second most common treatment in medical aesthetics, but not all patients want a commercially produced substance injected into their skin. Autologous dermal transfer may allow physicians to provide aesthetic benefits to both the donor site and the target treatment site. It is believed that more patients may want the advantages of a dermal filler if they know the injected substance is from their own body,” adds Tom Albright, president and CEO of Recros Medica.

[Source: Recros Medics]