The sweeping changes on the male grooming front in the past ten years have thankfully emancipated products and surgeries from the social untouchables list. In fact, it is extremely difficult accurately to specify where today’s male makes these purchases because so much is purchased on the down-low. The greater variety of products of late has resulted in men building up a larger and more comprehensive list. Chances are that he now shops around and buys what he appears to be the best offer and the most discreet.

As the work force ages, the international man of today is concerned with how his face and skin appear to others in the workplace. Today, there is a distinct tendency for us to appear fresh faced. The phenomenal boom in men’s grooming and facial procedures in recent years has had its own poignant message to the business community. And although many men may be accused of making the decision too late, they have wasted no time in catching up on the subject. It is simply a matter of common sense.

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