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Why Pregnancy Acne Is Not the Same as Teen Acne

New moms often suffer the most because they have to deal with stress and shockingly little sleep, both of which make acne and its ripple effect on mental health worse. Yahoo talked to experts to get their advice on how to get rid of your acne, no matter what stage of motherhood you’re in.



Tape Strip Approach Identifies Atopic Dermatitis Biomarkers in Children

Researchers have found a way to evaluate the cutaneous biomarkers of atopic dermatitis via a minimally invasive method using tape strips, which may offer insight into tracking pediatric treatment responses in the future, according to recent findings published in JAMA Dermatology, per Healio.

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Dermatologists Collaborating Across Specialties for Better Patient Care

Newer models of patient care delivery that drive improved quality of care, efficiency of care, and access to care demand and incentivize greater collaboration. This means that dermatologists cannot go it alone; we must work closely with primary care physicians and other specialists to meet patients’ needs, according to Health Affairs.