Over the past few years, men have flocked to Botox. The fast, relatively easy procedure smooths wrinkles in your face—and no one ever has to know you did it. That is, if you get it done right. Here’s how to keep it masculine and subtle, according to the experts.

Step One: Find Your Expert

You’ve heard the stories: a guy got Botox and now his forehead doesn’t move. But is that really Botox’s fault?

“My analogy is, when you look at somebody who has a bad haircut, do you blame the scissor or do you blame the hairdresser?” says Marina Peredo, a board certified dermatologist and founder of NYC’s Skinfluence. “Botox is a tool. It depends who’s injecting it.”So do your research. Find an older friend who looks great, buy him a drink, and ask if he’s ever had anything done—and by whom. (Or ask your dermatologist.)

Step Two: Get Ready to Spend

You’re buying a facial treatment that typically lasts three to six months for men. This isn’t the time to bargain hunt.