When done correctly, fillers and Botox can take years off your face, but on the flip side, a bad injection can make you appear older, or worse—downright scary. Luckily, it’s pretty easy to spot the red flags that indicate a bad injection is heading your way. Here, New York plastic surgeon, Stephen Greenberg, MD, reveals the signs that usually accompany a bad injection appointment.

Red Flag #1: The room is dirty.
This may seem like a no-brainer, but your dermatologist or plastic surgeon’s office should be very clean. “The biggest red flag you should look out for when heading into your injection appointment is a dirty injection room and injection surface,” explains Dr. Greenberg. “Sterility of the needle, injection room cleanliness and a clean injection surface is so important to ensure the safety and general health of the patient.”

Red Flag #2: The injector isn’t licensed.
“Injectables shouldn’t be offered or performed by non-licensed practitioners or practitioners of specialties other than plastic surgery or dermatology,” says Dr. Greenberg. This is vital information to double check before your appointment, mainly because a non-licensed practitioner might not be experienced enough to give you the outcome you’re looking for.

Red Flag #3: The office has limited product options.
Similar to personalizing the placement of your fillers or Botox, the product brand offerings should be personalized as well (some people react better to certain injectables over others). According to Dr. Greenberg, “there are a great variety of injectable products on the market FDA-approved to treat a variety of facial concerns,” so you should be able to choose the product brand that you prefer.