Acne is a good thing. Really. It is. Do you have your doubts? Let’s face it, for many of us there was a point somewhere in our past when you were getting ready for a date, or for a school picture or a dance, and that dreaded zit reared its mighty head… and usually in the worst spot. Why is it that acne seems to sense when a big occasion is about to happen and always seems to show up on the tip of the nose or in the middle of your forehead? There it is, all big and red and shiny, and it ends up ruining your entire day

And now some scientists are trying to tell us that that acne breakout was a good thing?

Okay. Here’s why. A new study from the Journal of Investigative Dermatology – yeah, that’s a thing in case you didn’t know – found that individuals who have acne actually have younger skin… at least in relation to individuals that don’t have to deal with acne. When they say “younger skin,” they don’t mean that the skin just looks younger, they mean that it is actually younger on a cellular level.