A-list guys are leaning on the latest minimally invasive procedures and wellness treatments to put their best faces (and bodies and minds) forward on the red carpet in the six-months-long run-up to the Oscars.

In keeping with L.A.’s fanatical fascination with appearance and wellness, male A-listers are increasingly turning to alternate, nonsurgical modalities for keeping face, body and mind well-tuned on the road to the Oscars. Painful and invasive surgeries like facelifts are being eschewed for injections, fillers and immersive therapies.

“Seasoned actors learn early on the values of preservation,” says New York Dermatology Group’s David Colbert, who has a star-laden patient roster. Beverly Hills dermatologist Harold Lancer (Oscar nominee Margot Robbie is a patient) adds that men have embraced self-care as much as women have. “In general, men are far more open or receptive to advice” than they used to be, he says. “That’s a big change.”