Finding the right angle to take that perfect selfie is an art form. Once you’ve seen yourself in that flawless light, with your cheekbones at their highest and your skin filtered to perfection, it can be hard to look in the mirror and see your true, unfiltered reflection looking back. At least this was the case for British mom Lucy O’Grady. Unhappy with her natural appearance, the mother-of-three set out to “fix” the reflection staring back at her by undergoing various plastic surgery procedures so she could look more like her filtered selfies.

“What started out as taking the odd selfie here and there, I then downloaded the apps and started to edit my pictures when I took them,” she said. “I found when I was feeling down I would take some pictures. It was a quick fix to take pictures, edit and upload, thinking I look alright there. The trouble is when you look back in the mirror after taking away your flaws, you become dissatisfied with what you are seeing.”