‘Double Cleansing’ has been a term floating around for some time now – mainly since the Korean 10 Step Skin-Care Regimen started trending around the world. As a dermatologist, I think pieces of the regimen are great and others can certainly be skipped. Double cleansing, however, is one great step of the K-Beauty routine that can benefit everyone, no matter their skin type.

Double cleansing is exactly what it sounds like – cleansing your face two times, back-to-back. While most of you know the importance of cleansing your face daily to maintain clear, healthy skin, I know that doesn’t mean it isn’t a hassle. After a long night out or hard day at the office, washing your face with one cleanser seems hard enough…no less two. There are plenty of time saving hacks you can practice in beauty (for instance a top bun for an instant face lift and to hide your unwashed hair) but caring for your skin is not something you should shortcut. If you can spend 10 minutes creating that perfect cat eye, I promise you have time to integrate this simple cleansing system into your routine.