How do scores of Hollywood’s most beautiful never seem to age a day? Just look at superstars  and super models like Michelle Pfeiffer, Sharon Stone, Elizabeth Hurley, Christie Brinkley, Susan Sarandon and Jane Fonda. They look ageless!

Now, we don’t know if their youthful looks are the result of stunningly good genes or if they are taking advantage of any of the new lasers, fillers or botox, but we do know that there are now increasingly excellent options to enable you to stay looking as young as you feel without resorting to surgery. The newest breakthrough procedure in the de-aging and anti-acne arsenal, which you can try, is the “Endymed Intensif.”

This procedure, which is administered by trained dermatologists involves using a handheld device fitted with teeny-tiny micro needles that are energized by aradio frequency. “The needles are powered by energy created by radio waves and they stimulate the production of collagen in the skin,” explains NYC dermatologist Dr. Bruce Katz, of the Juva Skin & Laser Center.

“The needles poke into the skin and penetrate into the skin’s deeper layer called the dermis. When the radio frequency hits the dermis, it stimulates production of collagen, which fills out skin and uplifts it,” explains Dr. Katz, who has had great success treating patients with the Endymed Intesif.

The procedure is particularly successful on tightening and lifting the jowls, the area below the chin, the neck and the decollatage area. I tried it and it’s definitely effective and the great thing about it is that unlike laser treatments,  you don’t get several days of swelling and redness afterwards. It does involve some manageable discomfort, which is diminished by a full slather of numbing cream put on 30 minutes beforehand.

Each treatment takes less than an hour: 30 minutes of numbing and 15-20 minutes of needling. It takes about a month for the collagen to form and for best results many woman need 3 to 4 treatments every two weeks, though you should see some results after two weeks.

And for those of you who have been plagued by acne scars, the Endymed Intensif can erase those scars by stimulating collagen to fill in the depressions left by zits. Dr. Katz is finding that many women who may have turned to surgery to regain their youthful looks are opting for this new, non-invasive procedure instead. Plus, he points out that it de-ages the entire face, unlike a facelift.