Ah, Botox. What once was known as the treatment responsible for the non-moving faces of actresses on Bold and the Beautiful is now so popular, there would be at least one person sitting in your vicinity right now who has had it done, and you probably can’t even tell.

I have to admit I was hesitant for years about Botox. Part of this was just my natural fear of new things, but I was also really ignorant about what the procedure was actually like, what the results were, and even how it worked. Basically, I’d heard whispers about Botox, and just blindly believed everything.

But as I neared 30, friends started getting it done. With really natural results. They were raving about how great it was for eliminating their little, fine frown and forehead lines – which I had started noticing on myself. So I decided that as part of my late-20s mid life crisis, (after a nose piercing and spending my birthday at Coachella, #18again) what the hell? Why not give Botox a try.

Full disclosure, I didn’t have a big wrinkle problem to begin with. I have the light crows feet around my eyes (the Aussie gal staple, thanks to our childhoods spent in the sun), but my forehead was fairly line-free. What I was noticing though, was that when I raised my eyebrows or frowned, the little creases caused did stick around for a little while longer than they used to.