Have you ever thought about getting a face lift, but decided they were just too expensive or too much recovery time?  Well now there is something called a weekend facelift. So what exactly is it?

Debbie, 59, had been thinking about doing something for her upcoming 60th birthday.

“I wanted people to sort of wonder did she have something done? Gee she looks like 45!” Debbie said.

So Debbie joined several other women at one of Dr. Edwin Williams’s weekend facelift seminars.

The board certified plastic surgeon has been practicing in the Capital Region since 1993. He offers a variety of cosmetic non-surgical and surgical procedures. One of the most popular is the lower facelift, or weekend facelift!

Debbie was sold!

“All I see are these lines. My mind does not feel that I am 60. I am very active, so I just wanted to have something subtle done to go with how I feel inside.”